Peaceful Revolution

Direct Democracy, Actual Democracy
Replacing Our Failed Representative Government

Public Corporations Of, For and By The People
Serving The Public and The Planet

We Begin Creating a Government In Waiting
To Lead Us in a National Discussion
To Articulate The Alternative
We Peacefully Vote Into Happening

A Legal System That Provides Justice

We Rescue Our Culture, Our Planet From Commercialism
Replacing Immoral Capitalism
With The Ways of the Clear Conscience
A Moral, Rational Order

We Re-Consider The Role of Money
In Our Lives, In Society

Work Worth Doing For All
At Living Wages

We Decide As A People
What Services To Provide
What Goods to Make,
Where and How to Make Them

A Thousand Dollars a Week
For Every Citizen Every 5th Year
So Everyone Can Feel Free
At Least Once In A While

Cancellation of Debt

Individuality and Human Solidarity Thriving

We Experiment With Group and Individual

We Do What Needs To Be Done
To Save Our Planet

We End US Military and Economic Domination
and Become a True Friend to The World

We Awake As A Whole People
To The Wrongs Of Our Government
Throughout The World
Reading Together Books like, Killing Hope

We Learn Of Our Corrupt Government Fooling Us
With False Flag Terrorism
Like 911, Obviously Controlled Demolition!
We View As A Whole People 9/11 documentaries
Like by Massimo Mazzucco's The New Pearl Harbor

Joe Friendly's Plan for Peaceful, But Total Revolution:

Solar Compass For Sorting Humanity, Achieving Harmony
Navigating the Human Domain,
Achieving Efficient Group-Think,
Confucius: A Solar Generator Of Political Power!
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